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The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (the “MIC”) is considering to appoint global strategic consulting/investment companies to assist it in the development and implementation of the second stage (phase 2) of its Strategy. 

The objectives of phase 2 Strategy of MIC are, amongst others, to: 

  • Attract foreign direct investment to support local entrepreneurs by creating strategic partnerships with international investors to establish and invest in domestic venture capital and private equity funds;
  • Diversify the Mauritian economy by leveraging on the reputation of the Mauritius International Financial Centre to promote a dynamic Mauritius as the jurisdiction of choice for the African and Asian private equity;
  • Partner with government through the development of tactical initiatives to promote investment in targeted sectors of the domestic economy with high potential growth such as Agriculture, Seafood, Manufacturing and Real Estate; and
  • Generate positive returns on invested capital to maximise reinvestment capability.


The consulting/investment company will be called upon to provide the following services to the MIC:

  1. MIC investment strategy – the establishment of four areas of investment focus:
  2. A MIC Venture Capital Fund to support the development of entrepreneurial technology and innovation focused businesses;
  3. A MIC Growth Capital Fund to support the expansion of Mauritian businesses and attract private international capital;
  4. Channel investment as a foundation for new businesses and industrial businesses in Mauritius;
  1. Indirect participation as a cornerstone investor in third party funds with attractive strategies relevant to Mauritius.
  1. MIC processes – the development of investment tools and processes to support each of the above areas of investment focus:
  1. Asset allocation models
  2. Financial models for tactical investment decisions
  3. Investment processes including principles, strategy and investment decision making structures
  4. Investment tools including template investment memoranda, legal documents and research guidelines.

Scope of Services

Organisation and Background

  1. Contact person at your organisation for this proposal. (name, title, address, phone, email address).
  1. Provide a brief history of your firm and describe your ownership/organisational structure.

Please include the number of years in consulting business.

  1. Number of qualified investment professionals employed and directly employed to manage funds of similar strategies.
  1. Has your firm, its parent, any affiliate or its officer/principal ever been involved in:
    • Any litigation where there was an allegation or violation of a client agreement or fiduciary duty, or
    • An enforcement act or subpoenaed by any government or regulatory body
    • If yes to either a) or b), by whom and when? Please describe the nature of the matter and how it was resolved
  1. Please provide the names of two senior contacts that will be assigned to this mandate. Please also provide details of:
    • Their experience and training in the fund management industry and alternatives investment strategies
    • The general level of training and experience of other staff that would be working on this reference

Investment Strategies of the MIC for the development of investment tools and processes to support each of the areas of investment focus:

  1. Discuss your experience and investment performance for similar mandates.
  1. Explain how you manage and monitor the risk exposure of such strategies (including diversification and portfolio risk)


  1. Provide your fee structure including initial charges and ongoing fees.
  1. Would the structure be guaranteed? If yes, for how long?


  1. Please provide any further information which you feel may be relevant to the MIC

Mode of Application

Proposals should be deposited in sealed envelope marked ‘Strategy Development & Implementation Stage 2 of the MIC’ at the Registered Office of the Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd, Level 3 Bank of Mauritius, Old Building Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, Mauritius, at latest by 22 July 2022. Proposals received after the closing date shall be rejected. 

Requests for clarification or any additional information can be addressed to by 15 July 2022. Responses thereof will be posted on MIC website ( by  19 July 2022.

MIC reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals, without incurring any liability towards any Bidder or any obligation to inform any Bidder of the grounds for its decisions. The MIC also reserves the right to cancel this exercise.                                                                      

 6 July 2022


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