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Our Portfolio


We aim to build a forward looking and resilient portfolio of companies, through our Environmental, Social and Governance framework, that contributes to the progress of society and achieves a better world for this and future generations. We are focused on climate risks and opportunities, supporting our ambition to halve the net carbon emissions of our portfolio by 2030 and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe in using capital to create opportunities for our communities to facilitate equitable economic growth.


Future Generations Portfolio to invest in a diversified portfolio of growth assets with the aim of generating wealth for future generations of Mauritians.


Infrastructure Portfolio to invest in the development of critical infrastructure of the country such as port development, power generation, road network, food security, water and sewage treatment and delivery, airport facilities and similar assets in order to stimulate the growth and diversification of the economy and create jobs for the people.

Equity Participation

Equity Participation Portfolio to invest in systemically important corporations or companies, through debt-to-equity swap arrangements, in order to financially redress these corporations or companies.

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