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Investment at a glance

The MIC is an active investor and owner. It aims to deliver sustainable value over the long term. The investment philosophy of the MIC includes, inter alia:


  • Financial assistance to companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Investment of assets under its management to support higher long term growth and secure basic necessities
  • Support for economic development of Mauritius
  • Securing and enhancing financial wealth for current and future Mauritian generations
  • Financing of green and blue projects that would encourage sustainable development.

Worlds of innovation

MIC has established three investment portfolios which includes one for future generations. Projects under this portfolio will cover,  others, funding for innovation-driven projects. Such funding should encourage firms to continue to invest in innovation-driven activities.


Strategy is the key

The MIC is a private limited company that aims at generating positive real return on its investments. The Board has oversight responsibility for investment decision making in relation to the assets of the MIC, as advised by the Investment Committee. Three investment portfolios have been established including a COVID-19 assistance portfolio, future generations and infrastructure portfolios. 



Investment Committee

The Investment Committee (IC) is established by the Board of Directors of the MIC

Investment Strategy

to ensure that domestic systemic economic operators are kept afloat and that jobs are preserved


We balance discipline and accountability with boldness and innovations.
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