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Request For Proposal – Provision of Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support


The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (‘MIC’) is inviting proposals from eligible and qualified bidders for the provision of a Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support and related services, as further described under Annex 1.

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The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (‘MIC’) is inviting proposals from eligible and qualified bidders for the provision of a Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support and related services, as further described under Annex 1. 

The MIC will relocate its office and, in that regard, the MIC is seeking to setup its network infrastructure and user support facilities. 

The MIC intends to enter into an agreement with the successful Bidder to perform the Services for an initial one (1) year base term, with the option of renewal, upon mutual written agreement of both parties. The proposal must be valid for at least ninety (90) business days from the due date of the submission of all bids. 

Each bid participant must provide two (2) printed copies of their proposal as well as a soft copy value together with documents listed in Annex 2. All submitted proposals will become the property of MIC and proposals will be recorded in a register at the point of receipt. One copy of the proposal must be signed and dated in ink by the bidder or authorised representative of the bidder and initialed on each page.

Mode of Application

Proposals, in a sealed envelope marked Provision of Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support at the left top corner, should be deposited at the Registered Office of the Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd, Level 3 Bank of Mauritius, Old Building Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, at latest by the  03rd March 2023 at 16:00 hours (local time). Proposals received after the closing date shall be rejected.

Bidders may perform a site survey at a date and time as mutually agreed between the parties. Appointments must be made at least one day in advance and sent to

MIC reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals, without incurring any liability towards any Bidder or any obligation to inform any Bidder of the grounds for its decisions. The MIC also reserves the right to cancel this exercise or purchase only part of the equipment/services from a specific bidder.



Annex 1: Scope of Work

1. Network Infrastructure

The main objectives of the Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support shall be for the:

  1. Supply and installation of a High Availability (HA) UTM firewall.
  2. Supply and installation of 2 wireless points.
  3. Supply and installation of network switches and other required components for an end-to-end solution. Network design and configuration of VLANs for proper network segmentation.
  4. Supply and installation of 2 physical servers.
  5. Supply and installation of 6 Microsoft Server 2022 standard edition and 30 devices CAL.
  6. Installation and configuration of:
    1. Hyper-V
    2. Active Directory on two virtual servers for 25 users
    3. File server in cluster mode (virtual servers)
  7. Supply of 25 Office 365 licenses and migration of emails from Exchange to Office 365.


2. Data Cabinet

The bidder should provide a quote for data cabinet rack space for the equipment.

3. Data Network

The bidder should provide and cater for all network (Fibre Optics and Copper) cables. All network patching works and labelling should be included.

4. Security Equipment

The bidder is required to quote for a pair of UTM license Fortigate 100F in HA mode and for 2 wireless access points. The firewall must be licensed for 1 year. The bidder must include all necessary configurations during the costing.

Item Details Remarks
Make Fortinet 
Model Fortigate 100F 
Number of ports (10G)  
Number of ethernet ports (1G)  
Number of SFP ports provisioned  
IPS license  
Anti-virus license  
Web filtering license  
Power supplies  
SSL VPN throughput  
Local storage  


5. Network Equipment

The bidder should provide a quote for two access Cisco switches of 48 ports each.   

Item Details Remarks
Make Cisco 
Model 1000 
Number of ports (1G)48 
PoE capacity370W 
L2-4 Jumbo Frame support  
Total number of SFP modules provisioned (10GB)4 
Models of SFP modules  
Interface speed supported on SFP modules  
Power Rated  


6. Server Hardware

Item   Details Remarks
Power Required  Redundant 
Rack Unit Required    

Maximum      number


CPU Specification   10 cores 
Maximum Memory supported on each server  
Memory Proposed on server64GB 
Memory Specification proposedDDR4 
No. of Expansion Slots Available  
No. of Free Expansion Slots  
Total storage proposed2.4TB x4 
RAID Supported on each server  RAID 5 
Number of Network Interface Supported and Proposed  
Operating System Supported  


7. Hardware Procurement Cost

 Serial No.Hardware ComponentOEMMake and VersionDescriptionQuantityUnit Price

Total cost (Inclu sive of all


i. Fortinet Firewall   2  
ii. FortiAP 231F   2  
iii. Switch   2  
iv. SFP modules   4+4  

Firewall       and

switch configuration cost


Office          365


vii. Physical Servers   2  


Server Standard (including CAL for 30 devices)


AD, File server and Email configuration and migration



Data Cabling/ Cabinet and power supply for equipment

labor cost

xi.         Miscellaneous      


8. Maintenance Cost

  Year 1Year 2Year 3
i.Firewall licenseIncluded  
iii.Office 365 LicensesIncluded  
v.Remote and Onsite support   


9. Completion of the Setup

The implementation of the Network Infrastructure Setup and User Support shall be completed within three (3) months following allocation of the contract.

10. Service Requirements

The selected company must provide the below service requirements, amidst others:

  1. Perform planned maintenance activities in coordination with MIC system and in scheduled, pre-approved maintenance windows.
  2. Provide timely solution upgrades and patches along with written documentation of new features and / or corrections to problems.
  3. Provide for fail-over of the production environment within four (4) hours in cases of disaster, with no more than twelve (12) hours’ loss of data.
  4. Monitor the performance of servers and take any action to resolve performance bottlenecks, including escalating a problem as and when outages or performance bottlenecks extend beyond an hour.
  5. User and administrative staff trainings: Training of administrators, general, high-level, inperson orientation training of MIC Senior staff and Board members; and individual training of MIC officials and Board members as requested.

Annex 2: Documents to submit

  1. Company’s Profile
  2. Copies of relevant licenses (e.g., BRN, Certificate of Incorporation, VAT certificate and any other
    applicable licenses)
  3. Profiles of the professionals involved in the provision of Network Infrastructure Setup and User
    Support System (qualifications and accreditations, years of experience and reference with regards
    to similar projects)
  4. Financial cost for the services proposed
  5. Self-declaration signed by Company Secretary or Board approved designated signatory (The
    Bidder should not be involved in any legal case that may affect its solvency or existence or in any
    other way affect their capability to provide support).
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