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The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bank of Mauritius. Its primary objectives are to support and accelerate the development of Mauritius and build a savings base for the citizens of Mauritius.
The MIC intends to acquire/rent readily available office space in a totally independent newly constructed building in Port Louis or Cybercity, Ebene, complete with amenities such as adequate lighting, electrical power point to suit MIC’s requirements, air conditioning, water supply, adequate toilet facilities, telephone facilities and data cabling, fire alarm and detectors, parking facilities for 50 vehicles, kitchenette and mess.
Owners of office space/building are invited to submit their proposal for selling/letting office space to the MIC as described above along with the documents listed in Annex 1.

Mode of Application
Proposals should be deposited in sealed envelope marked ‘IFB-OFFICE SPACE’ at the Registered Office of the Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC), Bank of Mauritius, Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, at latest by 11 June 2021 at 14:00 hours (local time).

The invitation for bids has been extended until 21 June 2021 at 14:00 hours (local time).

Applications received after the closing date and time shall be rejected.
Any requests for clarification or additional information should be addressed in writing to the Chief Executive Officer via email at

MIC reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals, without incurring any liability towards any Proposer or any obligation to inform any Proposer of the grounds for its decisions. MIC also reserves the right to cancel this exercise.

Annex 1

The following documents should be submitted along with the proposal:

  1. Drawings and site plan for the proposed office space
  2. Proof of ownership of building
  3. Certificate of non-encumbrance
  4. Engineer’s Certificate
  5. Copy of the land use permit for the building
  6. Copy of the Fire Certificate
  7. List of proposed works to be executed and expected duration period to arrange for the office space to suit the requirements of the MIC
  8. Date of construction of the building
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