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The MIC is inviting eligible firms offering security and property protection services, having proven experience and a Private Security Service Provider Licence, to submit their proposals to assist the company in strengthening the security of its properties in the vicinity of Mon Desert Old Factory site.

The Security Firm shall be required, amongst others, to:

  • Make provision of security guards for 24/7 guarding of the premises, screening and escort of all persons, deliveries and vehicles arriving at these premises by verifying their identity and using appropriate security equipment.
  • Patrolling of the designated properties and lands at regular interval during each shift
  • Prevent unauthorized persons from entering the properties and prevent authorized person entering the properties from bringing in prohibited items.
  • Conduct surveillance and patrolling of premises following a prescribed route to prevent any intrusion, damage to property or attack on persons or property.
  • Ensure safety in any crisis while providing maximum protection to staff members, members of the public, to buildings, ground and premises, personal property and to any user of the company’s facilities and services.
  • minimise the risks of theft, provide for the security of the MIC’s employees, customers, visitors, invitees, “préposés”, and/or clients on the Premises, and to maintain public order at the Premises.
  • Submit reports on a prescribed periodicity covering operations and bring to notice any suspicious activity observed during shifts.
  • Arrange for additional security guards at short notice to ensure operational efficiency.

List of documents/ technical details to be submitted:

  1. Company profile
  2. Business Registration Number
  3. VAT Certificate
  4. Copies of related licenses (e.g Private Security Service Provider Licence, etc…)
  5. Profiles of professionals to be undertaking the services (qualifications and accreditations, years of experience, etc.) and confirmation of the required experience.

Mode of Application

Applications should be sent by email on, by 29 September 2023 at 17.00 hours. Applications received after the closing date and time shall be rejected. Requests for clarification for any additional information is to be addressed to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee by email on

MIC reserves the right to accept or reject all applications, without incurring any liability towards any Applicant or any obligation to inform any Applicant of the grounds for its decisions. MIC also reserves the right to cancel this exercise.

The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bank of Mauritius. Its primary objectives are, inter alia, to support and accelerate the development of Mauritius and build a savings base for the citizens of Mauritius.

 14 September 2023

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