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The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC) wishes to enlist the services of a Public Relations (PR) Consultancy firm in Mauritius to provide strategic advice and support in its communication activities as per the following scope of work:

  1. The selected Consultancy would be expected to design and execute an annual ongoing programme during the tenure of engagement to ensure, at regional and international levels, media visibility through a high impact communication strategy and proactively organizing media relation and PR activations.
  2. The objective of the PR strategy would be, at regional and international levels, to enhance awareness and disseminate information regarding the role and activities of the MIC as well as its positive impact on the Mauritian economy and social stability.
  3. With this overarching objective, the indicative list of activities to be undertaken would, inter alia, include the following: –
  • Design an effective and comprehensive Image Building Strategy;
  • Prepare an effective annual Image Building plan for the policies, activities and events of the MIC. Image Building strategy, approach, monthly calendars and schedule to be submitted and finalised with the approval of the MIC;
  • Execute the approved Strategy through both ongoing initiatives and event specific initiatives as well as dedicated Image Building campaigns;
  • Keep the media abreast of all important developments related to the MIC and its activities. The Consultancy will proactively identify appropriate opportunities to highlight latest developments and announcements. This could be through press releases, press briefing, media interactions, interviews, press conferences, round tables, etc. as appropriate;
  • Proactively develop concepts for press meets and work out news releases, articles and other promotional initiatives targeting international media;
  • Organize and conduct press briefings, press conference, press releases, panel discussions, launch annual reports etc. which fall within the ambit of the MIC. This will include targeting the relevant media in key countries, pre-announcement preparation, drafting the press release & related information, talking points, media list collation, media invites, press release dissemination, etc.;
  • Arrange for international media to cover events organized by the MIC;
  • Arrange for media coverage of any significant event attended by the Board members or senior management of the MIC and its stakeholders in Mauritius and overseas;
  • The Consultancy will map opportunities for the leadership team of the MIC and relevant stakeholders/public representatives for consistent media visibility. Target media: Print (international mainline & financial dailies, business and general interest); (online media, as appropriate);
  • The Consultancy will create talking points for the media interactions by any board member, employee, senior leadership team member of the MIC and its stakeholders.
  • The Consultancy will develop and submit a customized online PR strategy that would work in tandem with the traditional PR plan and in collaboration with other suppliers.
  • The Consultancy will identify and undertake thought leadership initiatives and will be responsible for identifying and suggesting speaker opportunities which would lead to increased awareness or shaping policies and opinions
  • The Consultancy will undertake Strategic Counseling and Spokespersons/Stakeholders training.
  • The Consultancy is expected to have a close liaison with correspondents, reporters, editors, photographers, think – tanks, critics, trendsetters and other such opinion leaders.

Requirements and Deliverables

  1. The Consultancy should designate a local as well as an international Project Manager to act as focal points contact. The Curriculum Vitae of both Project Managers must be submitted. The Project Manager must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and the strategic depth to interact with senior officials on public relations and related issues, and should hold a decision making position in the selected Consultancy.
  2. For successful implementation and execution of the Image Building Strategy/Plan, the selected Consultancy will put in place sufficient resources to ensure timely compliance of the various activities and deliverables as mentioned in the scope of work above.
  3. The Consultancy should have a proven capacity to carry out the scope of work as listed above. The activations and delivery mechanism based on the Image Building strategy approved by the MIC would include:
  1.  Press Releases;
  2. Press Interviews;
  3. Media Meetings and Press conferences;
  4. Featured article placements in print/electronic media;
  5. Regional and International Media coverage;
  6. Monthly reporting; and
  7. Speaking opportunities such as roundtable, conferences etc.

The contract will be for a duration of one year (renewable) on a retainer fee basis. The quote should be for a fixed monthly fee.

Mode of Application

  • Applications should be deposited in sealed envelope marked ‘SERVICES FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANT’ at the Registered Office of the Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC), Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, at latest by Friday 01 October 2021 at 16:00 hours (local time). Applications received after the closing date and time shall be rejected.
  • Requests for clarification or additional information, if any, should be addressed in writing via email to
  • The MIC reserves the right to accept or reject all applications, without incurring any liability towards any Applicant or any obligation to inform any Applicant of the grounds for its decisions. The MIC also reserves the right to cancel this exercise.

About Mauritius Investment Corporation (MIC)

The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC) is a private limited company fully owned by the Bank of Mauritius. The establishment of the MIC is fully in line with the Bank of Mauritius’ mandate which is to ensure an orderly and balanced economic development of the country as well as safeguard the stability and soundness of the financial system.

The MIC complies with international management norms that promote ethical awareness and transparent management. The MIC is a strategic accelerator, which invests to ensure Mauritius’ wealth enhancement.

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