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Request For Proposal – Acquisition Of Accounting Software Response to Queries


The Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd (MIC) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bank of Mauritius. Its primary objectives are to support and accelerate the development of Mauritius and build a savings base for the citizens of Mauritius. The MIC (‘Company’) wishes to acquire an accounting software which should be able to undertake the following list of activities.

Application closed.



Response to Queries
Query No. Current Specification Query Clarifications
1 Report receipts & payments and consolidate multiple entities Please confirm the number of entities/ companies to be implemented Only 1
2 Generate credit/debit notes to customers and interest calculation based on different credit criteria Can you please provide more details on the interest calculation & credit criteria Interest calculation will be based on the disbursement date and amount which will be calculated twice a year (30 June & 31 December). The credit criteria will be based on the terms and conditions of the financial instruments
3 Provide different types of transactions; Loans, Cash, Credit, Overdraft, Fund Based Limits, Non-Fund Based Limits (LCs, Bank Guarantees, amongst others) 1.Can you please elaborate more how you intend to use the different payment types 2.Do you require a loan management system? 3.Will there be a need to interface/ integrate with other system 1. The accounting software needs to be able to list the different types of transactions for record purposes 2. Yes. We will require an Investment Monitoring System 3. We might need an interface in the event that the proposed software cannot provide all the requirements
4 Generate Consolidated reports on various investments and tracking of overall exposure Does the system need to manage investment Yes
5 Hardware proposed for the implementation of accounting software Do we need to quote for hardware & IT related services, or only provide the hardware requirements Please provide separate quotes for proposed software and hardware requirements
6 Payroll Please confirm the number of entities to be implemented & total employees per entity if applicable Only 1 entity and total employees will be around 50
17 February 2022
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